Entrepreneurs are busy developing new technologies and running their business, leaving little time to learn about available business resources. We act as a referral source to an array of private and public resources.

Our resource affiliates represent the network of quality organizations in Oklahoma that share our focus and support for our state’s technology economy.

Utilizing our book, The Entrepreneur’s Path: A handbook for high growth companies, our team of advisors walk you through the following sources that provide the framework, tools and process to visualize the business and demonstrate the validity of the product or service.

The Risk
Entrepreneur’s Risk Assessment: This is a thought-starter for evaluating the activitiesthat relate to the product or service you plan to provide, the market your product will serve, and the viability of the business you want to build. The general risk for the aspects of product, market, business, finance and execution will be addressed in your business plan.

The Cash
Capital Sources: Learn how to develop informed tactical and strategic plans to reach a realistic and achievable capital plan to move your company through the Path to long-term sustainability.

The Plan
Business Plan Checklist: Review the key philosophies related to writing a business plan, questions the plan must answer, and statements and misconceptions to avoid.

The Pitch
Elevator Pitch: Learn the “hows” and “whys” of developing the perfect elevator pitch that describes your business and its opportunity for the market and investors in less than 50 words.

Business Plan Pitch: Use these guidelines on content, approach and a presentation template to help deliver a business plan pitch that earns investors’ attention.

The Price
Valuation Model and Sample Term Sheets: Learn how to approach valuation from an investor’s viewpoint to attract capital and create a collaborative relationship with the people who control the purse.

The Relationships
Relationship Building: Learn the techniques and best practices in productive networking, establishing an advisory board, and creating an effective board of directors that will help your company grow.