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ICEdot earning recognition for crash-sensor

May 29, 2015

Recently we and a number of other investors, including members of SeedStep Angels, made a significant follow-on investment in ICEdot, a Tulsa-based start-up.

Bio Matters: Jeff Moen, Noble Foundation

May 25, 2015

The Noble Foundation annually has a presence among the group of about 80 people who showcase Oklahoma to the world through the OKBio booth on the floor of the BIO show

Moleculera Labs pulls in $1.06 million

May 20, 2015

Oklahoma City-based Moleculera Labs Inc, which tests for autoimmune neurologic onditions in children and adults, has raised $1.06 million in funding.

OKC company obtains $1.06 million

May 20, 2015

Moleculera Labs Inc. recently received a $1.06 million investment from i2E Inc., SeedStep Angel investors and other investors.

i2E leads $1.06M investment in Moleculera

May 20, 2015

i2E, Inc., recently led a $1.06 million investment in Oklahoma City-based Moleculera Labs, Inc., through its Accelerate Oklahoma! Fund.

Innovators: Associated Material Processing

May 19, 2015

Associated Material Processing LLC has received a $400,000 investment for the development of a material that removes problem elements from industrial waste streams and drinking water.

SeedStep Angels stepping up efforts

May 19, 2015

SeedStep Angels members have invested $7,155,421 in 32 companies, almost entirely in seed stage. These angels bring much more than money to a deal.

WeGoLook offers local startup success story

May 12, 2015

WeGoLook provides affordable on-site verification and inspection services and custom tasking to individuals and businesses. With almost 18,000 agents worldwide — it’s the crowdsourcing model on steroids.

SpectrumFX new joint relationship with Aircare

May 11, 2015

SpectrumFX announced today that it would begin offering the Aircare FireSock™ as part of its aircraft safety product line to combat in-flight lithium battery fires in any Personal Electronic Devises (PED’s) for business and commercial aircraft.

i2E leads $400K investment in AMP

May 11, 2015

i2E, Inc., and Cowboy Technologies, LLC, recently co-led a $400,000 investment in Stillwater-based Associated Material Processing, LLC, which is advancing technology that eliminates harmful elements from drinking water.