High Growth Undergrad Semifinalists

The eight High Growth Undergraduate Division teams advancing to the Oral Presentation rounds April 12-13 at the Presbyterian Health Foundation Conference Center in Oklahoma City. Note: Teams will receive an email with judges’ comments and additional information on the oral competition by Monday, March 25.

Animal Analytics
University of Oklahoma
Team leader: Erin Dowdy
Team members: Charles Carter, Robert Cowlishaw and Joseph P. Fallin
Advisor: Lowell Busenitz
Summary: Animal Analytics provides comprehensive medical records for the equine industry through a “HorseFacts” report. HorseFacts provides the latest health data on a horse through the use of a database and implantable RFID chip updated by certified veterinarians.


Code Sooq
University of Tulsa
Team leader: Ahmed El-Kishky
Team members: Marla Blum, Mark Denhoed and Stephen Macke
Advisor: David Greer
Summary: Code Sooq has created a Web-based service that connects software programmers with potential customers. Coders  post their resumes on the site, detailing their training and experience, while Code Sooq’s online Wizard allows client companies to tag problems in ways that reflect the programming expertise needed to solve them.


University of Oklahoma
Team leader: Michael Dillard
Team members: Caitlin Bentley, Amanda Hurney and Jennifer McLain
Advisor: Craig Shimasaki
Summary: DermaDoc offers a telemedicine alternative for dermatology patients, providing a secure connection for virtual dermatologist consultations that save both time and money. DermaDoc is available 24/7 and even offers a prescription service.


University of Oklahoma
Team leader: Susan Moring
Team members: Parker Dooly, Jeffrey Rhea, Mubeen Shakir and Caroline Trump
Advisor: Robert Free
Summary: FieldFocus provides innovative software for the oil and gas drilling industry, providing asset and personnel tracking tools, plus job management and bid tracking. With FieldFocus, companies can see key performance metrics in a matter of seconds.


Kick Grass
Oklahoma City University
Team leader: Nora Gnabasik
Team members: Jackson Anderson, Sam Lee and Trevor Rush
Advisor: Robert Greve
Summary: Kick Grass plans to revolutionize the sod industry with a new product it calls Lay It Yourself Sod.  The company has developed a growing system using specially shaped growing trays that can be stacked vertically and produce four acres worth of sod per one acre of land.


Oklahoma State University
Team leader: Jerry Powers
Advisor: Richard Gajan
Summary: predictREI has developed an innovative and affordable software product for the real estate investment market.  predictREI software reduces time required to analyze investment property potential while automatically generating contracts, forms and financial projections and calculating exit strategies.


Sabaform Limited
University of Oklahoma
Team leader: Amanda Broach
Team members: David Cox, Steven Pelitere and Alexei Znakhourenko
Advisor: Lowell Busenitz
Summary: Sabaform Limited manufactures the PureForm device that heats, filters, mixes and prepares a single serving of baby formula.  The PureForm heats water to the precise desired temperature while filtering it to eliminate potential contamination and creating  a more efficient process of feeding the baby.


University of Tulsa
Team leader: Cody Redmond
Team members: Carlos Diaz and Jacob Miller
Advisor: Claire Cornell
Summary: TransCare provides a software suite for hospitals that tracks patients after discharge and reduces the number of unnecessary readmissions within 30 days.  It is designed for the more than 2,200 hospitals penalized by the Medicare system last year for readmission rates that exceeded the threshold set by regulators.

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