The Presentation

You did it. Your business plan was chosen to present in the oral round of the competition.

On April 8, the eight Small Business semifinalist teams will make a 20-minute investor presentation about their business opportunity. The delivery, content and ability to field tough questions by the judges will earn six teams the opportunity to advance to the final round of the oral presentations.

These Small Business finalists will be announced at the conclusion of the semifinalist round of presentations. The judges’ comments will be provided after the announcements so teams can review that evening and prepare for the next day’s final round.

April 1, 2016, is the deadline for the Revised Plan and the Official Oral Competition Submittal Form, and the Paulsen Award application. Business plans will be submitted online so no hard copies are required.

The Pitch
In addition to the team presentations, a representative from each team also will make a 90-second pitch at the beginning of their oral presentation. This will be scored separately and the winning pitches will be incorporated into the Awards dinner ceremony. More details on this opportunity will be provided.

Oklahoma Business Roundtable Interviews
Simultaneous to the oral presentations will be interviews for the Oklahoma Business Roundtable Paulsen Award, which provides one student with a $5,000 scholarship that can be used for tuition to any Oklahoma college campus.

Rewards from the presentation round:
- $10,000 to the first place team in the Small Business division. The advisor earns $1,500.

- $8,000 to the second place team in the Small Business division. The advisor earns $1,000.

- $4,000 to the third place team in the Small Business division. The advisor earns $500.

- Each finalist team will receive $1,000, with advisor receiving $500 each.

All team presentations will be conducted April 8-9 at i2E’s Oklahoma City offices. The eight Small Business semifinalist teams will present to a panel of Oklahoma investors, business and community leaders on Friday. The six finalists will present to a different panel of judges on Saturday with the top three winners in each division announced at the Awards Dinner on April 14. All presentations must be able to display on a computer running Windows 8.1, Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013, Adobe Flash and Apple QuickTime with no additional software required.  Presentation rooms will not have access to the internet, so please plan accordingly.  

Useful Links:
Forms, Scorecards and Applications The Paulsen Award Application
Guidelines Sample Business Plan