2012 Governor’s Cup Winners

Graduate Division

First place: $20,000
Spectrum FX

The University of Tulsa
Team Leader: Amethyst Cavallaro
Team Members: Jessica Casper, John Galbraith and Kathryn Junk
Advisor: Claire Cornell

Spectrum FX is licensed to sell Firebane, a fire suppression liquid that extinguishes all spectrums of fires, to the aviation industry.  The nontoxic, biodegradable formula will be used in aircraft cargo compartments to protect against cargo fires that can cause loss of aircraft, crew and cargo.

Second Place: $10,000

The University of Tulsa
Team Leader: Robyn Undieme
Team Members: Kathryn Packell and Cary Taylor
Advisor: Claire Cornell

PsychSavvy provides a customizable, online mental health resource formatted with short video clips and educational articles that serve as a Web-based information source for mental health professionals, college educators, students and clients.

Third Place, $5,000
Precision HealthTech

Oklahoma City University
Team Leader: Brian Mullins
Team Members: Talia Berning, Anthony Moorehead and Christina Truong
Advisor: Craig Shimasaki

Precision HealthTech is a healthcare medical device start-up company developing an interactive physical therapy workstation that will incorporate a dynamic software system.  The software will be integrated into the workstation to capture the strength and range of motion of patients, and transmit the data electronically.

Undergraduate Division

First Place: $20,000
Moleculera Labs

Oklahoma City University
Team Leader: Jacob Lamb
Team Members: Bethany Layman, Luke Reese and Emily Sanders
Advisor: Craig Shimasaki

Moleculera Labs is a clinical testing laboratory that performs tests for auto-immune diseases that cause psychiatric disorders.

Second Place: $10,000
Bright Sanitation

University of Oklahoma
Team Leader: Steve Brachtenbach
Team Members: Garett Pearce,Tom Spurgat and Megan Walsh
Advisor: Lowell Busenitz

Bright Sanitation is developing low-cost public toilets that can be used in extremely dense urban areas lacking proper sewage, disposing of waste through a bio-digester that converts it into compost for fertilizer, biogas and water than can safely be released into lakes and streams.

Third Place: $5,000

University of Tulsa
Team Leader: Ahmed El-Kishky
Team Members: Phoebe Hardwicke, Eric Kuxhausen and Jack Lestina
Advisor: John Hale

SoLoKnow plans to create online social communities for universities that provide clearly defined audiences and essential Web-based education and networking services. The company aims to develop a large user base while attracting partnerships with universities.

Interview category winners, $5,000 each
Oklahoma Business Roundtable Material Sciences and Transportation category
SpectrumFX, University of Tulsa

AT&T IT/Communications Category
PERK, Rogers State University

Greater Oklahoma City Chamber Healthcare Category
PristineCal, Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University; i2E Student Generated Category
MaxQ, Oklahoma State University

OG&E Positive Energy and Environmental Category
Organic Energy, University of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Business Roundtable Paulsen Award, $5,000 each
Rocky Chavez
, University of Oklahoma
Jay Omanson, Oklahoma State University

2012 i2E Fellows
Rupesh Agrawal, MBA student at Oklahoma State University, Precision Health Technologies.
Carol Curtis, Post-doctorial Fellow at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, i2E, Inc and OMRF.
Corey Gingrich, MBA student at the University of Oklahoma, Altheus Therapeutics.
Mary Hestilow, senior Economics major at the University of Oklahoma, i2E, Inc.
Alvin Ly, Senior Finance major at Oklahoma City University, i2E, Inc.
Marybeth Murphy, Senior Entrepreneurship and Venture Management major at the University of Oklahoma, Mintiva.
Roger Satur, MBA Student at the University of Oklahoma, WeGoLook.com.
Ekaterina Shernstneva, MBA student at the University of Tulsa, DermaMedics.