Hearts, flowers and innovation

Ever since King Henry XIII officially declared February 14 a holiday (yes, it really was the same Henry XIII who married and beheaded multiple brides), Valentine’s Day has been a day for sending cards, flowers, candy and other tokens of love and affection.

But did you know that February 14 is a red letter day for two of the world’s greatest innovators?

Alexander Graham Bell applied for his patent on the telephone on Valentine’s Day in 1876. On February 14, 1929, Sir Alexander Fleming introduced his mold byproduct called penicillin to cure bacterial infections.

So, to honor the day, we’d like to send a virtual valentine to all the entrepreneurs who:

  • Seek out mentors and then listen to their advice
  • Recognize that angel investors are the source of risk capital for early stage companies
  • Approach valuation negotiations with a realistic and practical attitude
  • Develop a capital plan that matches key milestones to money
  • Creatively conserve their cash by sharing office space, stretching the useful life of their servers and laptops
  • Develop an elevator speech that really is an elevator speech
  • Establish strong working relationships with their Boards

And last, but not least

  • Help the next entrepreneur who is trying to start up the company of his or her dreams.
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