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Moleculera Labs pulls in $1.06 million

May 20, 2015

Oklahoma City-based Moleculera Labs Inc, which tests for autoimmune neurologic onditions in children and adults, has raised $1.06 million in funding.

OKC company obtains $1.06 million

May 20, 2015

Moleculera Labs Inc. recently received a $1.06 million investment from i2E Inc., SeedStep Angel investors and other investors.

i2E leads $1.06M investment in Moleculera

May 20, 2015

i2E, Inc., recently led a $1.06 million investment in Oklahoma City-based Moleculera Labs, Inc., through its Accelerate Oklahoma! Fund.

Innovators: Associated Material Processing

May 19, 2015

Associated Material Processing LLC has received a $400,000 investment for the development of a material that removes problem elements from industrial waste streams and drinking water.

SeedStep Angels stepping up efforts

May 19, 2015

SeedStep Angels members have invested $7,155,421 in 32 companies, almost entirely in seed stage. These angels bring much more than money to a deal.

WeGoLook offers local startup success story

May 12, 2015

WeGoLook provides affordable on-site verification and inspection services and custom tasking to individuals and businesses. With almost 18,000 agents worldwide — it’s the crowdsourcing model on steroids.

SpectrumFX new joint relationship with Aircare

May 11, 2015

SpectrumFX announced today that it would begin offering the Aircare FireSock™ as part of its aircraft safety product line to combat in-flight lithium battery fires in any Personal Electronic Devises (PED’s) for business and commercial aircraft.

i2E leads $400K investment in AMP

May 11, 2015

i2E, Inc., and Cowboy Technologies, LLC, recently co-led a $400,000 investment in Stillwater-based Associated Material Processing, LLC, which is advancing technology that eliminates harmful elements from drinking water.

BioMatters: Heather Fahlenkamp

May 10, 2015

Heather Fahlenkamp is an associate professor in the School of Chemical Engineering at Oklahoma State University. She recently was honored with the 2015 Researcher of the Year award from the Oklahoma Bioscience Association.

i2E’s Outloud Podcast with Danny Maloney

May 10, 2015

Listen to our latest edition of i2E’s Outloud Podcast, where we feature Tailwind’s Danny Maloney and how he build this fast-growing business in Oklahoma City.