Oklahoma Companies Served: Over 580

Economic Impact: The Oklahoma Department of Commerce recently completed a study of the economic impact of 11 Oklahoma companies receiving $4.5 million in SEED Funding from i2E. The Department of Commerce concluded the direct economic impact to be $37.3 million with additional indirect impact of $11.8 million, indicating a total economic impact of almost $50 million.

Follow-on Investment: i2E investment of $20.9 million in Oklahoma companies has leveraged an additional $478 million in private investment.

High Quality Job Growth: i2E assisted companies experienced 31 percent job growth in FY2013 with an average wage of $73,395 compared to 1.3 percent job growth statewide and an average wage of $38,250.

Increase in Success Rates: The failure rate for small business start-ups nationwide is slightly over half in the first 4 years. Companies funded by i2E see a much better success rate with more than 2/3 making it past the 4 year mark…an increase of almost 41 percent.