Student Information

i2E Fellows Program Student Information: The i2E Fellows Program will match advanced undergraduates and graduate/MBA level candidates with i2E client companies who have pre-defined business-based projects critical to the commercialization process. The Program will cover a 10-week summer fellowship, beginning in early June and running through the first half of August.

Student Application Process
Eligible students will need to submit the Student Application Form with their resume by the deadline. A committee at i2E will review and select applications based on skill level and compatibility with project proposals.

Fellows Selection
i2E will match student applicants with host companies based on the companies’ needs and students’ skill sets.  Finalists will be announced and invited to interview with paired companies.  Following a successful interview, i2E will extend offers to the candidates and a Memorandum of Agreement will be executed between the company, i2E and the student.

Prior to their internship all students will attend a one-day orientation session where they will be required to sign a nondisclosure agreement and a tri-party agreement.  Part of the orientation will include meeting with the host company and the i2E program manager to discuss the Fellowship projects and work plan.

The host company will manage the statement of work and the student.  The i2E Executive Advisors and the i2E Fellows Program Manager will work closely with the company and student throughout the 10 week period.   Written evaluations by the company and the student will be completed at the mid-point and at the end of the fellowship in conjunction with internal presentations by the students on their work.

The Stipend
This is a full-time 10 week project-based position paying a total stipend of $6,000, an average of $15/hr.

i2E Fellows Program placed with client companies are considered Independent Contractors of i2E, and are not employees of i2E.  As Contractors to i2E, students will be directed, and expected, to work at the client companies’ location.  Therefore, companies are responsible for providing workspace and equipment, as well as any additional expenses incurred during the fellowship period.  A tri-party agreement among i2E, the student and the host company will be executed to outline all details, responsibilities and parameters of the Program.

i2E will pay 50 percent of the students’ stipends while the host companies will pay 50 percent.  i2E will invoice the company for its share of the stipend in accordance with the terms of the Memorandum of Agreement.  As an Independent Contractor, taxes will be the responsibility of the student.