Paulsen Awards Scholarship

The Oklahoma Business Roundtable will award two scholarships in the amount of $5,000 each. All students competing in the Governor’s Cup are eligible to apply.

The Oklahoma Business Roundtable, formed in 1991, is a non-profit public/private partnership. Their primary mission is to assist the Governor and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce by supporting and encouraging business investment and jobs in the state.

Composed of more than 130 top Oklahoma corporations and business organizations, the Roundtable provides important business development advice and assistance to the Governor, the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and other state leaders.

The Governor attends and participates in the Roundtable membership meetings which are held in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

About the Paulsen Awards
Who is eligible?
Any student competing in the 2016 Governor’s Cup who exemplifies the spirit of Oklahoma entrepreneurship.

What will the recipients receive?
A $5,000 scholarship to the Oklahoma university or college of his or her choice for the 2016 fall semester, an opportunity to give a five minute presentation at the Oklahoma Business Roundtable annual meeting where the Governor and Oklahoma Business Roundtable members will be in attendance.

The purpose of this award?
To recognize Oklahoma students with the fortitude to become involved with our state’s economic development, encourage students to become more involved with business and entrepreneurial aspects, to introduce the resources and opportunities available for developing a career in the field of entrepreneurism and to develop a conduit in retaining these future business leaders in creating home grown businesses and strengthening Oklahoma’s economic development.

The Process?
Participants will complete a written application. The finalists will participate in a 15-minute interview with a panel of Oklahoma Business Roundtable members. Finalists may be asked to give a 5-minute response to one of the three questions from the written application or the panel may choose to ask questions about the finalist, their business plan and their future plans.

1. Must be a US Citizen.
2. Must be continuing education in the fall of 2016 at an Oklahoma university or college.
3. Grade point average.
4. Extra-curricular activities and community involvement.
5. Knowledge of issues dealing with efficient government and responsible leadership for the state of Oklahoma.
6. Desire to make this a positive opportunity at a level of distinguished participation.

For more information, please contact Sarah Seagraves at