2011 Governor’s Cup Winners

Graduate Division

First place: $20,000
CerebroGen Pharmaceuticals

University of Oklahoma
Faculty Advisor:  Elaine Hamm
Team Leader: Benjamin West
Team Members:  Chase Roberts,Tobi Olusola, Majed Gharfeh

CerebroGen is developing an antibody-based drug therapy to treat epilepsy.  Building on more than a decade of research, the company’s drug removes a recently discovered cause of epilepsy unaddressed by existing treatments.  With a regulatory approval strategy focused on reaching the market quickly through orphan status, CerebroGen is committed to bringing a much-needed therapeutic to Juvenile Epileptics, followed by a product indicated for the broader market.

Second Place: $10,000

University of Tulsa
Faculty Advisor: Michelle Witt
Team Leader: Stephen Fain
Team Members: Ryan Eslicker, Nathan Garrett

IASO has developed “SPI Gel,” an environmentally friendly, silica-based enhanced oil recovery system that seals off inefficient reservoir zones, allowing more trapped oil to be recovered. Well operators that use SPI Gel can expect up to a 50 percent increase in daily oil recovery and decreased expenses. IASO’s mission is to provide oil recovery systems that allow operators to conveniently “get more oil” while being safe for personnel and the environment.

Third Place, $5,000
TerraCoda Software

Oklahoma City University
Faculty Advisor: Kewei Sha
Team Leader:  Adele Rehm
Team Members:  Alexis Caron, Bridget Poputa-Clean

TerraCoda provides real time enterprise land management, geo-spatial analysis tools, and report generation and mapping solutions for the land, energy, realty, right-of-way procurement, and municipal markets.  TerraCoda’s Landman 360 software will provide full end-to-end visibility into the leasing process by providing effective tools that manage the leasing lifecycle. User-friendly technology combines communication, reporting, and cost management tools within TerraCoda’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, which will reduce errors and increase efficiency through real time reporting and management tools that allow users to deliver a project on time and on budget.

Undergraduate Division

First Place: $20,000

University of Oklahoma
Faculty Advisor: Jim Wheeler
Team Leader: Amy Henderson
Team Members: Ashley Zumwalt, Mimi Nguyen, Kaelyn Lu

LumiDX is an influenza diagnostics company that offers ChemLight, a fast, highly accurate tool that harnesses chemiluminescent technology to offer a cutting edge innovation in the point-of-care diagnostic market.  LumiDX aims to be first to market with diagnostic tests that are simple, accurate and fast enough to provide results at the point-of-care.

Second Place: $10,000
Vita Rhythm

University of Oklahoma
Faculty Advisor: Blake Gudgel
Team Leader:  Jessica Wills
Team Members:  Brett Gudgel, Brittany Myers, Erikka Roberts

Vita-Rhythm has developed a medical device to treat heart failure. The AdvaHeart is a left ventricular assist device that helps eject blood from the left ventricle of a weakened heart. It is smaller and more easily and safely implanted in patients.

Third Place: $5,000
Dreamcatcher Services, LLC

Oklahoma City University
Faculty Advisor: Robert Greve
Team Leader: Michael Roselle
Team Members:  Feng Dong, David Scott, Patrick Kennedye

Dreamcatcher Services, LLC has created technology to apply video-EEG monitoring capabilities to the medical diagnostic area of epilepsy.  The company has at its disposal a critical mass of talent and individuals necessary for the efficient, speedy and profitable application of video-EEG technologies in the target market.

OG&E Positive Energy Award, $7,000
Simtra Tools
University of Oklahoma

Simtra Tools is commercializing a technology called TrueTight that gives linemen for electric utilities the ability to tighten power‐lines to the correct tension without additional cumbersome and costly equipment. The technology eliminates the need for linemen to carry additional bulky and heavy equipment to tighten and gauge the tension on power lines.

Team Leader: Brandon Mikael
Team Member: Matthew Huber
Faculty Advisor: Lowell Busenitz

Al Tuttle Business Incubation Award winner
Terra Coda Software, Oklahoma City University

Oklahoma Business Roundtable Paulsen Award winners
Ashley Zumwalt, University of Oklahoma
Faith Garlington, Oklahoma State University

2011 i2E Fellows
Orgil Batsaikhan, MBA and Master of Finance candidate at University of Tulsa, Consolidated Networks;
Alexis Caron, MBA candidate at Oklahoma City University, Consolidated Networks;
Arun Kumar, MBA candidate at Oklahoma City University, WeGoLook.com;
Laura Medcalf, senior Computer Science major at East Central University, Mintiva;
Audrey Metzler, MBA candidate at Oklahoma City University, Otologic Pharmaceutics.
Anthony Moorehead, MBA candidate, Oklahoma City University, i2E Inc.
Lucas Rice, junior industrial engineering major, University of Oklahoma