2013 Governor’s Cup Winners

Small Business Division

First place: $10,000
Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City
Team Leader: Kris Monier
Team Members: Angela Davis, Angela Estavez, Herbert Foncham, Lori Hasty, Mayra Tello
Advisor: Amber Hefner

RxOmni has developed software that alerts pharmacists to possible adverse drug reactions from prescribed medication.

Second Place: $8,000
Rogers State University
Team Leader:
Kasey Ng
Team Members: Whitney Duncan, Loren LeForce, Bryce Hall, Dil Patel, Samantha Slater
Advisor: Charles D. Atkins

J-Paxer has developed the patent-pending J-Pax backpack that eliminates the need for shoulder straps and provides users the ability to carry more items or weight without strain or injury.

Third Place, $4,000
Revolutionary Transportation
Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College
Team Leader: Stephanie Asher
Team Members: Belinda Hunt, Karlee Gibson, Robert Woods
Advisor: Scott Donaldson

Revolutionary Transportation offers a fleet of CNG-powered buses in the Northeast Oklahoma Region with the initial plan to operate between Miami, Oklahoma and Joplin, Missouri.

Undergraduate Division

First Place: $20,000
Code Sooq
University of Tulsa
Team Leader:
Ahmed El-Kishky
Team Members: Stephen Macke, Marla Blum, Mark Denhoed
Advisor: David Greer

Code Sooq has created a Web-based service that connects software programmers with potential customers.

Second Place: $10,000
University of Oklahoma
Team Leader:
Susan Moring
Team Members: Parker Dooly, Jeffrey Rhea, Caroline Trump, Mubeen Shakir
Advisor: Robert Free

FieldFocus provides innovative software for the oil and gas drilling industry that includes asset and personnel tracking tools, plus job management and big tracking.

Third Place: $5,000
Animal Analytics
University of Oklahoma
Team Leader:
Erin K. Dowdy Team Members: Robert Cowlishaw, Joseph Fallin, Charles Carter
Advisor: Lowell Busenitz

Animal Analytics provides comprehensive medical records for the equine industry through a “HorseFacts” report using a database and implantable RFID chip updated by certified veterinarians.

Graduate Division

First place: $20,000
The University of Tulsa
Team Leader:
Katherine Sind
Team Members: Bingjie Ji, Martin Green, Reid Johnston
Advisor: Claire Cornell

EchoCharge has developed nano-wire technology that will extend cell phone battery life by harnessing energy from the voice of the phone user and surrounding noise vibrations.

Second Place: $10,000
R2R Technologies
Oklahoma State University
Team Leader:
Aravind Seshadri
Team Members: Pedro Velasco, Carlo Branca
Advisor: Prabhakar Pagilla

R2R Technologies is using a patented fiber optic sensor that will reduce waste and cost by keeping material properly aligned during the manufacturing process to prevent wrinkling, creasing and breakage.

Third Place, $5,000
Turtle One
The University of Tulsa
Team Leader:
Phoebe Hardwicke
Team Members: Nick Wood
Advisor: Claire Cornell

Turtle One developed a database search technique that retrieves information and produces results five times than current methods used to search databases.

Interview category winners, $1,000 each

Oklahoma Business Roundtable Material Sciences and Transportation Category
Infinite Composites, Oklahoma State University-Tulsa
AT&T IT/Communications Category
Animal Analytics, University of Oklahoma
Greater Oklahoma City Chamber Healthcare Category
Medishine, Oklahoma State University
i2E Student Generated Category
Code Sooq, University of Tulsa
OG&E Positive Energy and Environmental Category
Kick Grass, Oklahoma City University

Oklahoma Business Roundtable Paulsen Award, $5,000 each

Andrea McKinney, East Central University
Jerry Powers, Oklahoma State University
Timothy Whitley, Oklahoma State University

Pitch Winners, $1,000 each

Small Business Division: Bryce Hall, Rogers State University
High Growth Undergraduate Division: Susan Moring, University of Oklahoma
High Growth Graduate Division: Fash Fadaei, Oklahoma State University