Venture Advisory Services

You have developed an innovative idea or even created a working prototype for a new product or process, and now you want to turn it into a business.  Congratulations:  You took the first step down the entrepreneur’s path when you clicked on this page. Read on to explore all the business services and financial assistance that i2E offers Oklahoma entrepreneurs like you.

Our goal is simple: We enhance the business know-how and expand the resources each entrepreneur needs to succeed.

 i2E advises Oklahoma entrepreneurs through a team-based approach, providing comprehensive business guidance and coaching. It all starts with our Venture Analyst who engages new entrepreneurs when they make an inquiry about i2E’s services, learning about their business, strategy and goals.

If the new venture aligns with i2E’s mission of supporting Oklahoma high growth businesses, the next step is for the entrepreneur to meet with our advisory and investment professionals. There, the entrepreneur is  presented the full scale of services as our Venture Advisors, Investment Team and Executives-in-Residence begin focusing on the steps needed for the new venture to flourish.

From that preliminary meeting, the relationship between entrepreneur and i2E will grow as our team provides coaching and advice on technology development, business planning and positioning for potential investment.

Our Venture Advisors and Executives-in-Residence – including a Sales Executive-in-Residence and CFO-in-Residence, will assist in assessing the potential market and provide advice on the business and financial models, which create basis of the business plan, an investor presentation, building a management team and identifying the right first customer.

i2E’s Investment Team will introduce the company to potential investment options, including our own Concept Fund, the Oklahoma Seed Capital Fund, selected co-investors and angel investors through the SeedStep Angel group – the largest angel investment group in a 400-mile radius.

Finally, through our book, The Entrepreneur’s Path: A handbook for high growth companies, you will have a guide for successfully building your company.

i2E’s nationally-recognized and award-winning business advisory service provides entrepreneurs a flexible mix of coaching and advice, because we know everyone brings different levels of business experience to their new ventures.  Our team of Venture Advisors and Investment professionals brings years of collective experience to i2E’s mission to accelerate the development of high-growth businesses and creating wealth for Oklahoma.

Getting started with i2E is easy. While each business is different, the path taken by most emerging high growth companies is similar.  As an i2E client, our team of professionals will walk you through the process of developing your idea into a successful Oklahoma high growth enterprise.

Welcome aboard.

To start the process of possibly becoming a client, please complete this on-line inquiry.