Why I Chose an i2E Fellowship

Throughout two years living in Oklahoma, I have had the opportunity of meeting wonderful people, kind and educated, that have helped me connect with others and have given me important advice.  So, after doing research about where I could intern this summer and receiving recommendations from professors, students and friends, I finally narrowed my list of possibilities to one: the i2E Fellows Program.

Karla FerrariI recently began a summer Fellowship with i2E that will allow me to enrich my knowledge and abilities in the business world.  I will work with, and learn from, i2E’s business advisory staff as they assist Oklahoma startups by performing competitive market analysis, reviewing business plans and investor pitch presentations, and, investigating product market alignment.  Also, I expect to acquire and expand information about: How can I be a better leader and manager? How can I create my own company? How can I be a better entrepreneur? What path should I take to succeed with my own company?  I hope to answer these questions and more during the Fellowship, not forgetting to convert all this information into new skills to make a positive impact on the Oklahoma community.

As an Oklahoma City University graduate student, I know it is important to find an excellent company where I can apply my knowledge, as well as learn and develop more professional abilities. Also, it is very important to be able to grow personally and professionally.  I am sure the i2E Fellows program will be perfect environment to reach these.

I chose i2E because they offer excellent business advice, capital and entrepreneurial development for small tech-based Oklahoma businesses, producing a positive impact for the State of Oklahoma, which is just what I was looking for – a business workplace to work with and create a positive impact to the Oklahoma community.

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