The Advantages of Youth

I once had a conversation with Dr. Lowell Busenitz, the University of Oklahoma professor of entrepreneurship, who told me that he considered the best time to become an entrepreneur was right after graduation from college.

Most recent college graduates are young and have fewer responsibilities, so the fallout from possible failure is far less severe than when they are, say, 40, with a spouse and children and a mortgage, he said.

A recent post by Martin Zwilling on Business Insider’s The War Room blog advanced Dr. Busenitz’s observations on youth and entrepreneurship even further.

“Once you are past a certain mental age, you know too many of the things that can go wrong, so you never start,” Zwilling wrote. “People who are young, or young at heart, don’t know all the negatives, or don’t worry about them. The result is that they achieve things that no one else ever thought possible.”

Read Zwilling’s entire article titled “7 Reasons Why Young People Make Better Entrepreneurs” at the Business Insider website.

Thanks to the Innovation Daily newsletter for the link to the blog post.

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