Let’s get out the vote

A publication called “Under 30 CEO” is conducting an online survey to determine what city online readers claim to be the best place for a young entrepreneur to start a business.

I took a look at their poll and results, and discovered that the leading candidate might not be what you would expect.  It’s not San Francisco and it’s not Austin.  It’s not even New York City.

Leading the returns as of late Tuesday night was New Orleans, with 25 votes, or 16 percent of the total.   And the Crescent City was not even one of the 12 cities nominated for the competition.

New Orleans was one of 34 cities to receive write-in votes, but the only one to receive more than three votes.  Huey P. Long must be controlling the New Orleans vote from the grave.

Leading the cities actually nominated was Kansas City, with 17 votes, or 11 percent, just ahead of New York City with 15 votes.

I’ve attempted to stuff the ballot box for Oklahoma City as a write-in candidate.  I voted once at the office and once from my computer at home.  So, OKC is tied for third among the write-ins.

Oklahoma is fertile ground for innovators and entrepreneurs, as I’ve come to know working here at i2E.

Let’s see if we can elevate Oklahoma City’s standing — or that of Tulsa — as a haven for entrepreneurs.

Click here to have a voice in the election.

Vote early and vote often Oklahoma.

Under 30 Entrepreneur Best city for entrepreneurs poll

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