GrowOK Fund

GROWOK targets companies past the research and development stage. Through this program, i2E will invest with companies that have market revenue, preferably that have already achieved breakeven, and have qualified private capital investments. The venture capital may be used by the early stage company for working capital, market expansion, equipment purchase and activities related to the growth of the business.

Fund Goals: 

  • Create an investment fund that can be modeled for future fund development in Oklahoma;
  • Accelerate the growth of early stage companies and private capital investment;
  • Position more Oklahoma-based companies to attract venture capital investment; and,
  • Create high-paying, private sector jobs.


  • Committed leadership team or mentors with significant experience related to the industry and in successfully launching an early stage business;
  • Committed to successfully growing an early stage company that is aligned with one of Oklahoma’s high-growth industry sectors;
  • A viable business plan for securing follow-on venture capital financing; and
  • A market-based investment approach.

Evaluation Criteria:  Plans presented by eligible companies and entrepreneurs will be evaluated by i2E using nationally accepted diligence standards (with the assistance of a third-party due diligence firm if appropriate under the circumstances) based on the quality of the plan and a demonstrated likelihood to achieve the following outcomes in Oklahoma:

  • Accelerate the growth of an early stage company and leverage private investment;
  • Develop solutions to solve key business and technical milestones to position the company for additional venture capital funding and marketplace penetration;
  • Strengthen one or more of Oklahoma’s high-growth industry sectors; and,
  • Create high-paying, private sector jobs.

Funding Available:  The financing request should be specifically and narrowly outlined in a plan submitted to the GrowOK Fund. Investments will not exceed 20% of the GrowOK fund.  Investments will be in the form of preferred equity or convertible debt.

To start the process of possibly becoming a client, please complete this on-line inquiry.